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MLAbram Michael Abram

About Me

I am M.L. Abram, a passionate entrepreneur with a background in software development, network administration, and business intelligence. With my extensive knowledge and expertise, I specialize in maximizing the use of technology to help business owners grow and succeed.

Currently, my passion lies in maximizing the use of technology and educating business owners on how to harness its potential to grow their businesses. This pursuit brings me immense joy and continuously pushes me to enhance my expertise to deliver the latest technological advancements.

Below, you will find a video showcasing the highlights of my career, demonstrating how I stand out from the crowd. I am currently seeking employment opportunities where I can utilize my skills and experience to drive a company’s technology department forward in the domains of data, visualizations, and Artificial Intelligence. Please schedule a time on my calendar below to discuss this further.




Data & Analytics
Lead Generation
Business Intelligence
Process Optimization
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Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Process Optimization Experience

Throughout my career, I’ve been instrumental in driving process improvement and optimization initiatives that have delivered significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. One standout project involved migrating extensive Excel datasets into a relational database, coupled with the implementation of business intelligence reporting tools for insightful data visualization. By automating quarterly financial reporting through this streamlined system, I achieved staggering annual savings exceeding 10 million dollars, while also enhancing data accuracy and accessibility for strategic decision-making. In another endeavor, I leveraged chatbot automation to streamline repetitive tasks across various departments, reducing manual workload and improving productivity. Additionally, I developed a sophisticated Python framework designed to dynamically ingest random text data from diverse sources into a database. This framework not only automated the creation of table structures but also generated comprehensive Source to Target Mapping (STTM) documentation and implemented robust error control mechanisms and audit logging throughout the ingestion process. Through these innovative and meticulously executed projects, I’ve demonstrated my expertise in optimizing workflows, harnessing automation technologies, and delivering tangible business value through technology-driven solutions.

Scaling Experience

In my role, I’ve spearheaded several transformative projects centered around scaling and modernizing technical infrastructures to meet evolving business needs. One notable initiative involved orchestrating the transition from SFTP-based data transfer mechanisms to a more agile and real-time solution leveraging RESTful API services. Through meticulous planning and collaboration with cross-functional teams, I engineered a seamless migration process, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations while enhancing data exchange efficiency, scalability, and error control with notifications. Additionally, I led the migration of a WordPress website to a more dynamic and responsive Reacht.js platform, leveraging my expertise in front-end development and the React.js framework. This transition empowered the company to deliver a more immersive and personalized shopping experience, driving increased user engagement and revenue growth. Furthermore, I played a pivotal role in migrating data ingestion workflows from an on-premise relational database to a cloud-based GraphSQL database, harnessing the power of distributed computing and graph database technology to unlock new insights and optimize data processing capabilities. Throughout these endeavors, I demonstrated a keen understanding of scalability principles, proficiency in modern technologies, and a commitment to delivering robust and innovative solutions that propel organizational success in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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